Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farewell #26, Our Last!

Pressure to the very last minute. We've had difficulty these past few changes to receive Visas for not only the missionaries arriving...but the missionaries going home. We did not have in our possession the Visas til the day before (Friday). What a relief that was. The thought of calling parents and telling them their missionary was without visa was not what we wanted to deal with. So we have grateful hearts that all came to pass. We had our time with interviews with President, fruit kobobs and cookies in the kitchen and then a little later dinner and testimony meeting together in the living room. It was a fun night. We had forseen this day, 2 years is hard to believe that the time has come and gone........and now they are home. They were a great group of missionaries and leaders for the MML. We sent home 12....Elders Brown, Delgado,Frame,Gonzalez A.,Killen,Leininger,Richards,Sherman,Whittle,Peña C.,Solis, and Trejo. We loved each of them individually and appreciated their great testimonies of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
We were visited by Elder Robledo our Executive Secretary/Zone Leader who returned home in November 2009. It was so fun visiting with him. He was here on Friday in time to visit with those returning home........and then returned with his parents and grandmother on Sunday evening. We are receiving lots and lots of calls these days from our RMs here in Mexico. It is so much fun to hear from these special missionaries....and catch up on their lives.
Monday we received only our 3 Elders from the CCM, Elders Tepale, Flores and Estrada. It was a small group because none of our Americans were able to get we are still waiting. Our big question now is when? and who will receive them????? President Cox or President Del Valle. Life is always good.

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brenna said...

Your starting to run out of "lasts!" That means you'll be back soon!