Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby Emma Juliana

So Hermana Aguirre has worked here for 3+ years.  She has been a teacher, tutor and filled in as secretarial help when needed.  Monday, July 14th was going to be her last day.  She was hoping to have the baby on the 20th....but not for sure, the due date was not til the 5th of August.  So on the l4th.....very typical the secretaries decided we should have a shower for her that day, I opened up my apartment, baked a cake and the girls collected money and purchased the is that simple here in Guatemala.  My quetzal bird became the stork....(I will write more about my quetzal later) The crazy thing is she delivered her baby the next day by C-section.  I guess our timing was just right.

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