Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Times 3

It was an interesting day yesterday.  Our temple opened again after the semi-annual cleaning.  We were so excited to be able to return with our missionaries.  It is such a blessing for Pte Cox and myself to serve in this capacity.  We had a few technical difficulties yesterday morning causing us to rearrange ourselves in another ordinance room....but it was a beautiful day and all came together in the end.  After the temple, I needed to buy some shoes for one of our Elders.  I was leaving the CCM and President suggested I take our secretaries with we all loaded into the van.  I was perhaps a little too comfortable driving...because upon reaching the parking lot....I had a little collision with a parked car.  Go figure!
I just couldn't see that far over my left front bumper....and I was within the lines...but she wasn't....the excuses just go on and on.  We had to call the office, Br. Cajas and Bob came to my rescue; we waited and waited for insurance people to show up/the only good that might have come from this is that Bob got a reference for the missionaries.  I felt bad for lots of reasons.  The expense for the church for sure, but also....our secretary, Hna Herrera and her husband just bought their first car...and she is trying to build up enough nerve to learn to drive.....I don't think this experience has helped her. I was so glad they were with me.....because they had a phone to call ..... I had left mine in the apt.

The Times 3 experience happened that afternoon.  Our nurse, Hna Burbidge had to accompany a missionary home to the we were the medical care today and yesterday.  During sports two of our Norte missionaries, Elders Bentley and Day had a head on collision and Elder Day ended up with a gash under his left eye brow, about 2 inches long.  Of course there was blood everywhere.  We brought him into the clinic and cleaned him up.  He was very patient and kind and excited because he had never had stitches before.  We tried some butterfly stitches....but when Dr. Cragun came...he confirmed the fact that stitches were necessary.

This is the before picture and afterwards it is difficult to even see the stitches....he'll be as handsome as ever.

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