Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Visit and Devotional, January 25-26,2015

We had the privilege to prepare and share a luncheon with Elders Craig Christensen and  Wilford Andersen and their wives and the Area Presidency and their wives at the CCM on Sunday, January 25th.  They needed a place to eat where they all could relax and have a luncheon before their video conference for 6 stakes within the city of Guatemala.  Chef Carlos was willing so we were the hosts.  It is always, no matter what the circumstances, an honor to be in the company of our dear leaders of the church.  They visited a few of the classrooms and were able to spend some special time with missionaries who were prepared to receive their inspirational messages.  Monday was our day, however.  We boarded our missionaries into 3 buses, 120 missionaries to be exact and headed to the Montufar Chapel for a Devotional for the missionaries from the CCM and 150 missionaries from the Guatemala South Mission. 
It was a special day for the missionaries and they received special instructions that will assist them in their assigned areas of service in Central America.  They are all bright eyed this morning.  We awoke early and traveled across town in traffic to arrive early for the Devotional.

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