Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Birthday

We celebrated with Kelli Cragun her 65th birthday on Thursday, January 29th.  We hired our secretary's husband who has a transporation business to chauffer us to Pecorini's for a birthday dinner.  It was great fun not to have to worry about traffic, to be all together in this van and enjoy the festivities of the evening.

 I provided sparkling grape juice.....couldn't find this was second best.  We are surrounded by great friends....the Lloyds, Provinces and Craguns.  They all serve in the CCM with us in different capacities.  Spence Lloyd serves as a counselor in Branch B but is the Executive Secretary for the Area Presidency, Sandi Lloyd works with the missionary applications in the office as well.  Dr. Province is Bob's second counselor and Flor Province is my second counselor.  They share with us in teaching assignments for Sunday devotionals and interviews of new missionaries as needed as well.  We love the Province family.  The Craguns will be leaving us in May.  We are so sad.  They serve as the Dr. over the CCM and also missions of Guatemala.  Dr. Cragun is a counselor in Branch A here in the CCM and they are assuming a heavy load as they take over vacinations and such at the CCM while we are without a nurse.  These are all wonderfully talented people.  The wives all help teach in our Relief Society on Sundays and they teach me so many wonderful lessons.  We are grateful for their service in Guatemala.

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Diane and Allan said...

These look like wonderful people to serve with. What grand experiences you are having and so many new friends.