Saturday, June 7, 2008

An Emotional Yo-Yo

Sunday evening, May 11, 2008 (Mother's Day) we welcomed into the mission home our beloved elders who were returning home....Elders Skousen, Wassing and Rojas. We enjoyed our evening together reminiscing about our time together, sharing testimony and a home-cooked meal. The next day we said goodbye at the airport and hurried to pick up our new group (minus the 4 from the MTC, because of VISA problems)and smile and welcome with open arms 3 new replacements....Hermana Licona, Elders Pasos and Elder Chagola. My heart struggles with this transition each transfer cycle. But life goes on.

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ckkg said...

i can only imagine the emotions! you hardly have time to really miss those leaving before you make room to love a whole new group! that's why it takes such special people like you and bob to lead a mission! loving all these blog posts and being able to see into your mission life and experiences! we love you both!