Saturday, June 7, 2008

Grin and Bear IT!

Elder Emery,the taller of the two missionaries served as Asst with Elder Black and then with Elder Checketts until May 13th transfers. He replaced Elder Zartuche in November 2007 and is finishing his last transfer as a DL in Azteca. Elder Emery has served as a gentle, dedicated, spiritual leader. We miss him. We've enjoyed our Sunday meals together, our visits about BYU basketball and his career, plans for marriage, etc. He recorded an embarassing find about me in his journal. He was so cute as he shared this experience with everybody. He found lipstick on a milk carton and teased me about chugging...a very unladylike habit. I was embarassed but was able to blame it on the influence of my boys....(But Mike, Mark and Matt, I wouldn't change you for the world.)

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