Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Comida

If you eat between 2-4pm it is considered "comida"; if it is later it is called "cena". I am catching on...slowly but surely. My hope and prayer is that Heavenly Father will help me remember this new language ....or that I have opportunity to use it at home as well. Time will tell. Bob and I decided earlier this month that we wanted to gather all the Stake Presidents and their wives, our Counselors and their wives and Elder and Sister Guzman ....together for a COMIDA and share some thoughts for the direction of the new year and express appreciation for their support in the year past. I spent most of Friday baking all the goodies for the dessert table and then Saturday was spent cooking the real stuff.... They all know by now that when they come for a gathering at the mission is American food and I think they enjoy my cooking. We did serve Horchata, the Mexican rice water drink with cinnamon. Hermana Marlene was in charge of this special drink and it was delicious. I'll have to try and make this at home. Our Assistants, Elders Schow and Hatton came and Secretaries Elders Verdeja and Sherman to help serve and do whatever. I was so grateful for their help. It made it possible when the guests started arriving to leave the kitchen..... We are so blessed in our Mission Home to have a big room, called the Capacitation Room. It is so very functional for such occasions as this. If you could believe it, before President Martinez, it was part of an indoor-outdoor swimming pool. I am so grateful this conversion was made in preparation for my service...because, as much as I love to swim, it has been a great blessing for President and I to host these special dinners in our home and has created a special bond between all of us who are called upon to serve with all our Hearts, might, mind and strength. Pictures included are of Elder and Hermana Guzman, our Seventy; our Mission Presidency, President Aguilar and President Rubio and their wives and our group.


brenna said...

How did your centerpieces turn out? I'm glad everything came together!

Vallar said...

O.K., I am once again truly AMAZED. How did you pull off dinner for 20??? What in the world did you serve? And how in the world do you still look so "radiant" at the end! Becky, you are an amazing woman. And Bob, you look pretty darn chipper also for your huge part in this training/dinner.

gma & gpa asplund said...

hey--it's me again on the previous "Vallar" post. I have rectified the problem.