Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Busy Week

It has been a busy week.  Lots of issues to deal with.  We were privileged to have Elder Amado here for our Tuesday evening devotional.  He is the Area President of Central America.    We also had as visitors 2 sisters from the mission of Coban that needed medical services here in the city.  And on Wednesday evening we picked up Keland Mills from the International MTCs in Provo and enjoyed time with him on Wednesday.  He actually conducted a very complete tour of the facilities in preparation for our rededication and spent time with the teachers and staff of our facilities.  Normally this would be our slow week...but it was filled to the brim.  Friday morning after Hno Mills left I invited the Burbidges to our apartment and we made over 100 sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  The missionaries loved them and were so appreciative.  We shared a chocolate exchange with the teachers and staff and enjoyed pizza together at lunch time.  Bob had made arrangements with our secretaries and purchased for me some beautiful flowers and of course my gift to him was a special valentines chocolate bar.  We were treated to dinner later that night by the Burbidges.  The only way this day could have been better ......would have been to have our family with us as well.  We love and miss you all.
 Hna Ivon de Leon and Hna Ada Hererra are the best.  They are so very helpful to take care of our special needs.  I don't know what we would do without them.  They are particularly helpful with my Spanish.

This is a great view of our kitchen.  It is so functional and a great place to entertain.  We hope to be able to invite others to share time with us in our apartment. 


Diane and Allan said...

Oh it was soo good to see your new post. You both look so happy and busy. Love your kitchen with the good cookies in progress.

Dennis Gibson said...

Ok, get a room ready for us so we can come visit. Linda so desperately wants to practice her Spanish, haha. Email me your email addresses to

britt said...

What an exciting (and I am sure at times overwhelming) NEW life for you two. I am excited to get a glimpse. LOVE you!

Grammy said...

You both are so radiant! What lucky missionaries to have you there guiding their CCM experience. The Lord certainly called the right couple for this important assignment !